Welcome to the world’s first comprehensive apnea treatment center, where a group of specialists, therapists, and technicians collaborate to render the most optimal care for snoring and sleep apnea.  For the last 5 decades, most patients have been treated with isolated modalities.  We now believe that it takes a team approach to customize your care.

Apnea can be a serious condition where a person can stop breathing while they are asleep.  There are many ramifications to this and the consequences can be life threatening.  Generally, there are two types of apnea- central and obstructive.  With central apnea, there is an interruption in the signal from your brain to your body that tells you to take a breath.  This is quite complicated to address but it is not as common as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  As the name suggests, there are obstructions in the pathway of air that is inhaled, either by your nose or your mouth, into your lungs.  It is imperative to find out the type apnea someone has, so they can be treated properly

Types of Apnea:

  • Central Apnea
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea


  • Physiologic
  • Anatomic

With our unique program, we have developed a systematic process that will take you from screening and testing to comfortable care, providing you all options for care.  We call these our disciplines, and they follow this sequence:

  • Step 1.   Screening
  • Step 2.  Testing
  • Step 3.  Diagnosis
  • Step 4.  3D Imaging
  • Step 5.  Cardiac Evaluation
  • Step 6.  Comprehensive Treatment Planning and Presentation
  • Step 7.  Treatment Options:
    • CPAP Therapy
    • Ear Nose and Throat Surgery
    • Nutrient and Weight Loss Counseling
    • Physical and Myofunctional Therapy
    • Oral Appliance Therapy, Orthodontics, and/or Oral Surgery